Gochuk dome stadium.


Do you know there is the first dome baseball stadium at Sindorim station?

In korea, in despite of high ranking and great performance at international league, baseball infrastructure was serously poor.

But last year, around octobor gochuk stadium was finished constructing.

It is the first dome stadium.

Why the gome stadium so good? Because you can play baseball game regardless of weather.

And also dome stadium is the symbol of good investment of sposts industries.

And the picture taken in front of the stadium.

Langauge of film

These are 3 techniques that we used on this video.

Framing of Medium and Full shots
shots pertaining to Why question (ECU, XCU)
Establishing Shots

*Checking my old video’s, I noticed some of my old video was malfuction at all, so I reupload it T.T

Sushi : My favorite food.


There is woderful sushi place in Ssang-mun station at line number 4.

I really love eating sushi, my favorite place was sushidoku in Wanshipli.

And one of my friend told me sushi restaurant in Ssangmun is wa better than one in the wanshipli.

So I vistied there. And IT WAS CRAZY. Sushi felt like a silk in my mouth. 😀

Went to tradtional market.

Went to traditional market for Gimjang.

Gimjang means ‘making gimchi’.

In my family Gimjang is one of the biggest family gathering.

Because most of our family member are all busy, so it is a best day to meet together.

So I visited traditional market and buy some spices for making kimchi!



Do you know about honsul?

Honsul is korean expression of “drinking alchol alone’.

In past, Korea’s culture was about bonding and relationship

In modern society, however, people due to nulcear family focusing more and more about there own personal life. Honsul is now one of the popular thing as a getting rest.

I do it too. It’s usually just drinking beer. But last night I decided to make some beer cocktail!

It is half-half combination of stout and lagar beer.

Beauty of this cocktail is a soft, tender bubble of the top of your class.

It is cloudy- white and tast also good as the cocktail itself tasted good.