Video project #2 Restaurant Review~!

Our video project is about school restaurant.

We went to Sarang bang(사랑방), facalty restaurant(교직원 식당), Hangwon park(행원파크)
and Women’s university.

Some of them was delicious and some of them wasn’t.

We wanted to share information about school restaurant because students usually have a chance to try all of the restaurant in our school.

Teawoo, Naru, hyeonjun and I all reivewed and I edited the video.

Editing video project



I am now editing video project.

Well, instead of using normal video editing project, I tried some other programs called Vegas.

I used it  when I was middle school student.

I used to make short clips as a hobby. And I forgot about it some time.

And this semester, I started multimedia class and decided, “well,I might as well use my program.”

So, I installed it and start editing some clips.

Video project is not yet finished but will be uploaded soon~

went to the Gajoku sic-dang

About 30 meters from exit 1 of Hanyang Univ. station, there is really good

japanese food restaurant called Gajoku sic-dang.

“Gajoku” means ‘family’ in japanese. It’s really funny that ‘Gajok’ means family in korean. They are very similar!



This is salmon topped rice. It is one of the typical japanese home meal! It was really delicious. It is called sake – dong


This is oayako-dong. This is egg and chicken topped rice.  Actually, “something”+ “dong” is usual naming of japanese ‘food topped rice’. And that “something” is usually incredients which is topped. But funny thing is oyako means ‘mother and son’. I don’t know why they name it that way. But it is really interesting.

When to Kon-dae

I recently when to the Konkuk university.

Konkuk university area is very famous as one of the hottest place in Seoul.

There is a lot of good restaurant and entertainments!

And also there is street called ‘Chinese street’.

There are a lot of delicious food!